Taboule Salad

Taboule Salad is the perfect alternative to traditional appetizers and salads.  It’s unique flavor and appealing color and texture have made it one of the most sought after items on salad bars and menus the world over.


Our ambrosial Taboule is a superfood, each ingredient dowses your body with health all over. The juices from the fresh tomatoes,onions, lemons mixed with the parsley, sea salt and spices are exquisite. Parsley contains more vitamin C than most veges & approximately three times more as oranges. It has twice as much iron as spinach & a good source of manganese, calcium & potassium. It also contains flavonoids that act as antioxidants. It will help keep your immune system strong, help supports kidney function and helps detox the body. The bulgar (cracked wheat germ) is high in protein, fiber, iron & B6. If you are gluten free/wheat free, try our Quinoa Taboule~

Taboule Salad is a combination of fresh, finely chopped parsley, garden tomatoes, onions, cracked (bulgur) wheat, fresh squeezed lemon juice, virgin olive oil, natural herbs, and specially blended spices with a hint of natural sea-salt.

Available in 7 oz, 16oz and 5lb containers.